We appreciate all donations to Tikva. Every donation has the potential to change a child’s life.

Please browse the list below to see where your donation could go, then scroll down to the donation form.

Thank you.

£20 could cover the cost of a medical examination when a child first comes to Tikva
£40 purchases a child’s school books for one year
£60 provides winter clothes for one child including a coat and a cardigan
£120 buys a baby cot and all infant equipment
£150 covers the cost of medical care for a child for one year
£250 could pay for the cost of ten sessions of speech therapy for one child
£500 pays for one of our special needs children to be fully supported in school and at the home for the year
£1,000 could cover the cost of providing shelter, clothing and medical care for one child in the orphanage
£1,750 pays for all the food costs for one of our orphans for the year
£2,500 to help cover the cost of Jewish education for one orphan in our schools
£6,000 to cover all the needs of one university student at the Jewish University of Odessa including, food, books, lodging and stipend, giving a child and opportunity to get a job and support themselves for life
£6,500 to sponsor all the needs of one child per year in our orphan care home
£10,000 to cover the costs of rescue and documentation plus full virtual adoption of one child
£20,000 room naming for future boys school
£25,000 to cover the costs of all the weddings we make for our orphans in one year
£36,000 to cover all our costs of special needs classes for our orphans who suffer from disabilities and learning difficulties as a result of their past trauma
£50,000 to cover all the clothing and stipend costs in our annual budget for all the 350+ orphans in our care
£80,000 to cover all the costs of our summer camp programme giving our orphans the only outlet and rehabilitative freedom they need to rebuild their lives
£132,000 to cover Sacha Zechev’s annual costs of rescuing and documenting known children who are awaiting Tikva rescue
£250,000 wing naming of the future boys school
£500,000 to cover all our food costs for the 350+ orphans in our care, the 750 underprivileged community children in our schools, all the university students throughout the year including Shabbat meals and festivals.

If you wish to discuss sponsoring a child to be rescued, the university programme, medical programme or any donations of a larger amount please contact the office on 020 8209 9104 or at

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