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Pesach Appeal

The children at Tikva have the same interests, hobbies, likes and dislikes as any child of the same age. The older children love social media, pop culture and sports. The younger children love to run outside and play. However, what we see on the outside doesn’t always reflect what these children have been through and are fighting on the inside. The invisible scars.

Alexander* was brought to Tikva at the age of five. One of six children, each with different fathers, his mother is an alcoholic and her husband was abusive towards her and her children including Alexander. He was found severely neglected and malnourished with no clothes. When he arrived at Tikva it became clear that he had never seen a toy before in his life. He had severe psychological and developmental delays. Alexander was very closed and detached – though invisible – these scars were very apparent to the Tikva team.

Tikva’s Psychological and Special Needs team intervened to provide bespoke support through specialist therapies and continued one-to-one support and individualised lessons. Continuously working with Alexander, they were able to bring him up to speed and re-integrate him into regular classes. Though he still needs extra support in class he is keeping up with his peers. Most importantly Alexander has discovered his joy for life.

With your support, Tikva’s Psychological and Special Needs team is able to continue to heal the unseen scars. Together, we can help provide a future full of hope.

Thank you for your generosity this Pesach.