Share Your Warmth This Winter

In November, we launched an Emergency Winter Clothing Appeal, helping our 350 children living in sub-freezing temperatures in the Former Soviet Union, to survive the winter. Many of the youngsters who come to Tikva have virtually no possessions of their own, the clothes they do have are often in very poor condition or ill-fitting. As part of their care, Tikva, replaces these clothes with new ones for each child’s needs. The younger children’s clothing are purchased by the staff, whilst the older children receive a monthly allowance to shop for their own clothes under the supervision of a Tikva staff member. This is particularly important for the older children to learn and develop new life skills on the road to becoming more independent.


Thanks to you, we are on our way to providing winter clothing for the children in our homes. However, with temperatures set to drop to minus 20 and below, the £21,360 budget set aside for clothing 350 children this winter is not enough. Now more than ever your support is essential to continue providing lifesaving assistance to vulnerable children and families.


So when you are layering up to stay warm for what is set to be the coldest winter in decades, please spare a thought and share your warmth with those most in need.

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