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    • THANK YOU so much to everyone who donated and helped us spread the word! Thanks to your generosity we managed to ra… ,
    • For a donation of just £20 you can help us put a warm pair of shoes on our children's feet, a smile on their faces… ,
    • **Please help ensure that each child at Tikva has a pair of boots to keep them warm during these cold Winter nights… ,

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Torah Vodaas Primary School Raises Money For Tikva

Here is an explanation in the children’s words as to why they decided to raise money for Tikva: ‘A few months ago, Nicole came to Year 6 to talk to us about Tikva organisation in Odessa, Ukraine. She spoke to us about the children they rescue who need urgent help as they either are homeless, […]

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Food parcels for the elderly

At Tikva, we feel that it is part of our responsibility not only to rescue and nurture those Jewish children in need, but to also do the same with the Jewish community within Odessa. Revitalising the community and ensuring that everyone, no matter their age fell included and connected. Tikva have therefore teamed up with […]

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New Children at Tikva

Anastasia* Born May 9th 2014 *Anastasia was born premature at seven and half months and was being looked after in intensive care. Her lungs were not properly developed with doctors and nurses working around the clock to stop bleeding that was occurred in her brain. Her father has been fleeting in and out of the family […]

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