News from Odessa

The past few months have been extremely difficult for the people in the Ukraine. Huge numbers of people have been displaced due to the shelling in Donetsk and Lugansk, so Tikva opened their doors to the refugees, giving them clothes, food and accommodation. Many came from war stricken areas and had seen the trials and tribulations war creates. Psychologists and social workers were called in to give professional help where needed.

Security has been tripled and the Jewish Community, Tikva Schools and Homes have added cameras and guards in order to ensure the safety of our children. Worse case scenarios were taken into account and Tikva stocked up with supplies of reserve food, water and generators. At the peak of the situation the children were “evacuated” to safer locations. All of the above created an additional financial strain well above and beyond the “regular” lifesaving work that Tikva is doing.

However, due to your generosity through our Rosh Hashanah appeal, we managed to raise over £20,000 for our Homes. This has helped both the refugees who now have new beds to sleep on, and keep our children warm with new clothes during the freezing winter months.

Unfortunately, the war is still ongoing and we don’t know what tomorrow will bring. We must ensure that we are ready at a
moment’s notice to keep our children safe and happy. We still lack funds for linen, bedding, food and basic needs. Yet let us look at a brighter side as we helped more children enjoy the services Tikva provides to ensure a safe life and healthy future.

We want to take this opportunity to thank you as without you, our children would not be where they are today.

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