New Children at Tikva


Born May 9th 2014 *Anastasia was born premature at seven and half months and was being looked after in intensive care. Her lungs were not properly developed with doctors and nurses working around the clock to stop bleeding that was occurred in her brain. Her father has been fleeting in and out of the family and her mother is unable to hold down a job due to drug and alcohol addiction.

Tikva visited Anastasia* on a daily basis, providing the love and care of parents, as well as covering all medical costs. She has made vast improvements and is now living with us at Tikva.

Anastasia’s* older sister *Sofia who is also at Tikva, in September is due to go into her final year at Nursery. Sofia has gone from a scared, shy and introverted little girl to a very active happy child who loves to sing and dance as well as art.

We welcome Anastasia and happy to reunite sisters.

New Born

Our youngest member of the Tikva family. Born June 16th 2014 to a 19 year old drug addict mother who abandoned her at hospital. She is yet to be named.


Two year old Dimitri was welcomed into Tikva just in time for a warm and loving Shabbat. 

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