Meet Esther... The latest addition to our Tikva family

At 9:15 am on the 18th February, a little girl was born in Odessa to an alcoholic mother who expressed no interest in caring or looking after this little precious baby.

As of now…. she is a Tikva baby! On her birth certificate she has been registered as Esther – a name given to her to remind us of the miracle of Purim and the miracle that she has you and us to ensure she has a happy and healthy life.

A bittersweet feeling as we are saddened by the fact that Esther had to join an orphanage on the first day of her life but overwhelmed by how fortunate we are to be able to save this child together.

Thank you for helping, saving, supporting and ensuring that Esther is safe. Where it not for Tikva and YOU, none of this could have happened.

new baby

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