Patrons Evening 2017

On the 20th November 2017, over 90 guests came together at SWAY London for Tikva’s Annual Patrons Evening. Bob Watts, former Creative Producer for Secret Cinema, used the concept of immersive theatre together with a purpose-built set, to take guests on a surprise journey back in time to 1910 Odessa. From there, the story unravelled into the former life of Jewish Gangsters; many of whom, in the Jewish imagination at that time, became ‘Robin Hoods’, rising up to defend their people against the horrific pogroms and redistributing the oppressors’ wealth amongst the community. The evening was based upon Isaac Babel’s Odessa Tales and with actors disguised as guests, the re-opening of ‘Truth’, Mob Boss Benya Krik’s Gentleman’s Club and Casino was re-enacted. All your senses were in full swing walking through the participatory market with Tony Page’s team offering a taste of traditional Ukrainian cuisine. Guests were also entertained by musicians and a select few were asked to undertake secret missions which formed part of the immersive act. Tikva UK Director, Karen Bodenstein stated that ‘we were excited to give our patrons this unique immersive experience of what pre-war torn Odessa was like’.