Food parcels for the elderly

At Tikva, we feel that it is part of our responsibility not only to rescue and nurture those Jewish children in need, but to also do the same with the Jewish community within Odessa. Revitalising the community and ensuring that everyone, no matter their age fell included and connected.

Tikva have therefore teamed up with Yedidut Toronto, Canada, with the specific purposes in helping the elderly in need. This program includes delivering food parcels to their homes and sending volunteers to make house visits. We have enlisted the help of Tikva University to source volunteers to visit the elderly, comforting them with a more personal touch and attending to their basic needs. It is important for the students to have the interaction and connection with the older generation.

In response to a series of enquiries from the elderly within the community for a safe haven, we have secured premises which are now being refurbished to become a place where the elderly can socialise, rest and feel like they are part of a family and not alone.

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