tikva treasure hunt

5784 Tikva Treasure Trail v3[7]

Date 2nd August

Secret North London Location

Start time 11am

What you need to know

Each team will have 90 minutes to complete as many tasks/ challenges/ clues as possible to get the most points. There will be a live score board running throughout so you can see where your team is. Weapons can be used against other teams. If you successfully hit another team and they do not have a defence then you will steal points from them.

Each team will be sent a link to download to their phone with full instructions nearer the time of the event‘. Please make sure you have 10MB available on the phone you will be playing with to run the hunt and you must make sure your location services is switched on as the game runs off of the GPS.

Clue Icons can only be seen/answered when they are in the hunt location.

Wear comfortable clothes, shoes and be prepared for anything.

The competition is on!!!

To register please fill out this form and email it to nicole@tikva.org.uk.