Boots Made For Walking

On a business trip to the Ukraine, a member of our now shoe committee, happened to walk into Tikva. He was astounded by many things but most of all the lack of  items of necessity, the ones we in the UK take for granted, such as clothes and shoes.

This chance visit sprung the committee into action to make a difference in these children’s lives, not in the monetary sense but in providing them with these basic necessities.  This initiative has gone from strength to strength. Last year the committee personally went to Odessa to measure the older boy’s feet and raised enough money to buy each boy a pair of new Timberland boots. This year with supporters from all over the world, including Argentina, the Tikva girls have been kitted out with a pair of converse boots each and a new winter coat.

However, just as all parents will know, children quickly grow out of their clothes and shoes, which means the committee’s work is never done and do an amazing job in raising money every year to ensure Tikva children never go without.  In total the committee have raised in excess of a staggering £13,000.

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