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Home Hope

As the rest of the world found themselves in lockdown to protect their health, Tikva’s Search & Rescue team have been working around the clock to find and rescue the most vulnerable Jewish children to protect their lives.

Brothers Igor*, nine, and Slav*, two, were rescued during lockdown. Their mother is unemployed and an alcoholic. They do not have their own apartment, going from rented room to rented room, often being kicked out due to their mother’s alcoholic violent behaviour. When Igor and Slav were found they were homeless on the streets. Slav does not speak, and Igor has severe delays in learning. At the moment Igor won’t be able to go to mainstream school. The boys are now out of quarantine and are being taking care of by Tikva’s medical and psychological teams. The brothers are enjoying settling into their new warm and loving home.

There are approximately 2,000 Jewish children across cities in Ukraine, Belarus, Russian Federation and Moldova, that we know of who are Homeless and Hopeless.

Your support will enable us to continue to find these children and give them Hope and a Home they deserve.

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Our After-Rescue Care

Tikva offers its graduates the opportunity for a brighter future through university education in Odessa or immigration to Israel, where Tikva continues its educational and supportive services.

Tikva has helped pioneer the revitalisation of Jewish communal life in Odessa, offering a range of community initiatives to help sustain our childrens’ growth.

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